SECOND SHOT SITDOWN — In this Second Shot Sitdown, Fort Worth-based actor Jordan Walker Ross sits down to talk about how he learned to overcome his limp, cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis to land roles in 1883 and The Chosen.

That limp had a negative impact on his acting career for a long time – having casting directors and agents tell him to “lose the limp” and even being replaced from the project because it was too distracting.

It wasn’t until he was cast in The Chosen that he started to love his “limp” and the things that make him different. Some of his grit and determination come from watching his grandfather, Barry Corbin struggle to get roles early in his career.

This is part of a 30-minute conversation. To hear the full interview about how he got the roles on 1883 and The Chosen and how he dealt with years of rejection, visit the Second Shot Podcast.