BOURBON BLONDE BLOG SPONSORED CONTENT — Lifestyle Expert Megan Thomas Head is here to share a few must-haves products perfect for the fall season. 

New Minute Rice Cups Now Available

Minute Rice has two new flavors to their line of microwaveable rice cups: Minute Jalapeño Rice Cups & Minute Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa Cups. Ready in 60 seconds, they are a delicious option for a quick and easy meal. Learn more at

Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant ($6.99)

Secret knows that deodorant is a personal choice, so for those who choose to go aluminum free, Secret is proud to offer the Aluminum Free Collection! Secret’s Aluminum Free Deodorant helps eliminate odor instead of just masking it. Made with 3X more odor fighters THAN THE LEADING ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANT, this collection provides triple action odor protection, eliminating odor from the source to keep you feeling fresh and confident.

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner

With no harsh chemicals, Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner safely cleans right at home, eliminating trips to the dry cleaner and saving up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning. Safe for all dryers.