DALLAS (KDAF) — Gaming is often perceived as a lonely sport. Electric Gamebox is changing that – providing interactive, touchable and social gaming spaces to everyone who comes in.

“It’s really about socializing for us – that’s part of our mission is to bring that social element back,” Nettie Davis with Electric Gamebox USA said.

Electric Gamebox was designed to be a social gaming environment. Davis said she’s heard families say, while they were playing a game, their child talked to them more than they had in the past year.

Under one roof at The Grandscape is about ten Gameboxes.

“Your movement is tracked, you’ll be moving characters and items within the game,” Davis said. “All the walls are touchscreen – so you’ll be touching and moving throughout the box to complete the adventure.”

Electric Gamebox is expanding quickly throughout the United States.

“We’ve got nine U.S. sites and we’re adding three every month or two for the rest of the year,” Davis said. “If you don’t have us in your city or state, we’ll be there soon.”