TAG AND ASSOCIATES SPONSORED CONTENT — The home-building process can be so exciting for first-time home builders, but the frustrations that come along with it are sometimes hard to deal with. Not knowing what your home will really look like besides drawings and whatnot can also cause anxiety.

Virtual walkthroughs aren’t just nice to have during the process, but it’s also a way to save time, and money for the homeowner, and also give your peace of mind your vision is coming to life.

That’s one of the main focus points Tag and Associates want to help you with as they design distinctive custom homes by drawing in 3D, which will help allow the homeowner to now see the home before it’s ever built knowing this is the home they want to raise a family in.

Principal owner Tag Gilkeson joined Inside DFW to talk about virtual walkthroughs and what they offer and why it’s better than anything else in the market.

Here are the key takeaways from Gilkeson:

  • Why a virtual walkthrough is not only a “nice to have” but can save time and money for the homeowner in the home-building process. By drawing in 3D it ensures ACCURACY, not just that the walls will line up, but in wall thickness and even material thickness.
  • They can model a range of things from the sunlight patterns in your home, to how your furniture and artwork look in the spaces they create.
  • He plays a key influential role in the National Builder Association as a leader, educator and as a philanthropist in the community.

Be sure to watch the video player above for the full segment.