DALLAS (KDAF) — If you are planning on getting married to your significant other and you don’t want the traditional wedding, why not try out a drive-thru wedding?

The Metro is a unique wedding experience in DFW where you can have a drive-thru wedding, rent out their signature wedding truck, or have them drive to your house for a wedding.

“I guess we just wanted to do something that wasn’t so traditional,” Isaiah Mejia said.

Isaiah used The Metro to host a drive-thru wedding with his long-distance partner. He says they wanted to do something not traditional that wouldn’t take as much time as planning a traditional wedding would.

“We do long distance right now and you know how that goes,” Isaiah said. “We had a plan to get married in this whole shebang. But it’s just too much time [to plan]. So we’re just like, You know what, let’s just get married.”

Of course, like many interesting new ideas, this one was started out of fulfilling a need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m a wedding planner. And in 2020, none of my couples could get married. Some of them had been planning their weddings for like, two years. All of a sudden, everything shut down and they couldn’t get married. Even the courthouses were closed, so they couldn’t even elope. So I was like, How can I help these people? I had the idea of the drive-thru weddings. So my husband and I started looking for a way to do it. I thought, ‘If it’s on wheels, I can take it with me anywhere.'”

The Metro offers three different packages

  • The Drive-Thru Wedding: they set up anywhere and couples come through in their car and say in their car
  • Wedding Delivery: they come to your house and officiate your wedding that way
  • Rent the Truck: you can rent the truck to use as a liquor bar at your wedding

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