PLEXADERM SPONSORED CONTENT – Have you heard of the Plexaderm 10-minute challenge?

Inside DFW with Jenny Anchondo was joined by Annette Diaz to talk about the benefits of Plexaderm Skincare and why you need to consider it for your skin.

Diaz said, “I’m always so happy to talk about Plexaderm because I use it my dad uses it my auntie uses it my friends use it; it works amazing. And we have an incredible special for viewers because we know that some people are still skeptical just like I was so they created a six-day six-application trial pack for $14.95 with free shipping 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s how much we believe in our product. You will too because seeing is believing.”

You guys have some photos that you say are unedited, which look so good it’s almost hard to believe. Talk about these pictures are these real?

Yes, they are. And actually, Georgene was one of the many that had called in and said can I give it a try does it work; we brought her in and applied it to her fine lines and wrinkles. It smoothed out her skin in under 10 minutes. Let me tell you she was so happy. These are the results that you can expect to see I always tell people when you use Plexaderm first watch the experience. It’s miraculous.

Talk about the process. It sounds like 10 minutes and no doctor’s visits or visits to a clinic or anything like that.

That’s so true. I’m wimpy when it comes to injections plus I want to save money and this is a fraction of the cost. It’s a simple serum you do in the convenience of your own home. You just apply it to the fine lines and wrinkles and watch them disappear and under 10 minutes. Good thing is that works up to 10 hours as long as you don’t get it wet. Less make-up because you have less to cover up and men are some of our best customers because they want to look and feel good too and because it goes on totally naturally and everyone will notice your skin.

It’s the same formula for men and women; all you do is wake up and apply Plexaderm to a clean, dry face, wait 10 minutes and you look more refreshed.

Here’s the deal:

Plexaderm has an offer where the Inside DFW audience can try it for $14.95 plus shipping. Try it out at or call 800-929-0786.