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DALLAS (KDAF) — The internet is full of falsehoods and fake “hacks” and if you’re not careful you could fall victim to being bamboozled.

Not to worry though, we are here, testing out social media hacks and “tips” to see if they are real. This one, you might have heard of.

Social media users claim that if you order a grande drink from Starbucks without ice and then you order a venti cup with only ice, you have the same amount of liquid as you would have if you just ordered a venti ice drink.

While yes, that does work in theory, there is a secret that this hack does not tell. When you order a venti drink, you also get an extra shot of espresso. Thereby, if you do this internet hack, your makeshift venti drink will be less caffeinated than if you would have ordered an actual venti.

This hack also adds more waste to trash bins and is more work for those already overworked baristas. So, you might as well spend the extra $1 for a venti.