DALLAS (KDAF) — They say the grass isn’t always greener in somebody else’s yard, but DFW Turf Solutions might just prove them wrong.

Turf is becoming increasingly popular for homes and commercial landscapes as a better alternative to the traditional grass yard. Mario Sobers, general manager of DFW Turf Solutions, walks Jenny Anchondo through the benefits of switching to turf.

“You’re going to save money on your water bill,” Sobers said. “You’re getting rid of the mud…you’re getting rid of bugs, because there’s not going to be any organic living area for bugs in the turf. It really does clean your backyard overall.”

In addition to homeowners making the switch to turf, a lot of commercial areas are switching now, too.

“Everyday, it’s busier and busier,” Sobers said. “We’re doing a lot more commercial, a lot more apartment complexes, we’re starting to see them more at shopping plazas, school playgrounds. It’s becoming more popular, more lucrative.”

Turf requires less maintenance than grass — no landscaping, no chemicals, no fertilizer — and never goes dormant. It also never requires water, unlike a traditional grass yard, which requires regular watering and can spike your water bill, especially during hotter months.

To learn more about turf and how DFW Turf Solutions can help make your “grass” greener, visit their website.