DALLAS (KDAF) — In this Buy the Book segment, we are talking to a local author about his book that almost never had a chance but is now highlighted in the Big D Reads program.

The Accommodation: The Politics of Race in an American City was written in 1986 by Jim Schute; however, because of its contents, has faced suppression until recently being republished by Deep Vellum Publishing.

The book documents the violent history of race and racism in Dallas, from slavery all the way to Civil Rights Movement and desegregation efforts in Dallas in the 50s and 60s.

“I wrote a book in 1986, and the book was suppressed, pulled off the presses. It was the history of race relations in Dallas. Now the book has been resurrected. It has been republished by Deep Vellum Publishing. Now, this program called Big D Reads, associated with D Magazine, has raised money, a bunch of money to print 30,000 free copies of the book, which they’re distributing to citizens and school kids,” Jim Schutze, author, said.

According to their site, Big D Reads is a community initiative where they distribute a single book each year and facilitate book readings, roundtables, community events and public gathers. Officials say they donate books to schools, libraries, hospitals and other organizations and nonprofits throughout the city.

“The goal of a city-wide read of Jim Schutze’ The Accommodation — recently reissued by Deep Vellum with a new forward written by John Wiley Price — is to advance the understanding of Dallas’ history among students, young professionals, leaders, and residents, while encouraging candid community conversations on how we create a more equitable future for our city,” as stated on their website.

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