DALLAS (KDAF) — You guys remember that game Pokémon Go! everyone was obsessed with just a couple years ago? Here at the Girl Scouts STEM Center of Excellence at Camp Whispering Cedars, they’re using that same type of technology to learn about geology, fossils and more.

It’s a way to present hands-on experiences for the girl scouts to really understand in a first-person manner how they can come to get involved in STEM-based careers,” Founder of Virtual Wild – that game-like technology, Jay Rutherford said.

In our own backyard, is the only Girl Scouts STEM Center of its kind in the world.

“[It’s a] Nature trail that’s been out here for a long time and it’s located on a fault line,” Rutherford said. “There’s ancient earth that’s been exposed in an area and that ancient earth has had dinosaur fossils that have been found in the past.”

Using this historic plot of land, Jay Rutherford and his Virtual Wild team saw a futuristic opportunity.

“We’ve built an AR experience that allows girl scouts to come out here and through that technology, dig up digital fossils, play with them and learn about the history of this specific area,” he said. “Whenever the tablet tells you, you’re supposed to point your divide at the ground. Then, Remy the robot is going to help you find stuff beneath your feet.”

While this is a Girl Scouts facility, the beauty is that some Dallas Independent School District students and schools are able to schedule field trips out here. For inquiries, you can head to