DALLAS/THE COLONY, Texas (KDAF) — Whether you’re a whiskey whiz or a rookie to rye, scissors and scotch is where you can expand your palate while also getting a fresh cut.

“Scissors and scotch is a barber shop with emphasis on the bar,” Tanner O’Dell, Co-owner of Scissors and Scotch.  We have a full bar, full liquor license. One drink is included in every service when you come in here.”

“Scissors and scotch is a barber shop with emphasis on the bar.”

For some motivation to get to our appointment a couple minutes early:

“The full bar is also a place to come hang out, create community, and just get the best haircut you’ve had in the area.”

The whiskey wizards behind the bar at Scissors and Scotch brand the ice cubes for their Old Fashioned.

While also building a community on quality cuts and casks.

“We have people who come in to get their haircut and hang out at the bar, but there’s also just a real community where people know they can come hang out here,” O’Dell said. “You can come in whenever you want to – our bartender and stylists get to know you really well,” O’Dell said.

The folks at Scissors and Scotch keeps an eye out for good bottles for the whiskey connoisseurs.

The bartenders at Scissors and Scotch are always looking to stock their bars with rare bottles.

“We work hard to keep some of those good bottles that are hard to find in here,” he said. “We work hard to bring stuff you haven’t seen before. There’s a lot of really good stuff that’s popping up that’s made here in Texas. We bring all that stuff in so every time you’re in here, you can try something new.”

Here’s another beauty: if you’re no scotch sommelier, no problem…

“We tell people there’s no wrong way to drink whiskey,” O’Dell said. “You’re going to come in and we’ll teach you all about it. You have people – there are true die hard bourbon and whiskey fans who love the selection and bring new things that they haven’t seen before. We have an amazing team behind the bar that can introduce you to new things and educated you a bit. Even if you’ve never had bourbon or whiskey before, we got your back. We can help you.”

CW33’s Landon Wexler chats with O’Dell while getting cleaned up around the edges.

If you’re looking for a fresh haircut with a community of whiskey appreciators, book an appointment at their The Colony location and in Uptown Dallas.