DALLAS (KDAF) – We love finding hot spots around the Dallas area and recently, Inside DFW got an inside look at a one-stop shop that combines grocery stores, lunch spots, and gift shops.

When you think of a one-stop shop, you’re thinking of somewhere you can grab a bite to eat and hang out for a bit; somewhere you can enjoy with your entire family. Sure, that’s a one-stop shop, but at Foxtrot, they’re taking it to a whole new level. Because this is truly a place where you can get everything you pretty much could ever need for a whole entire day.

We caught up with district manager Patrick Cash to learn more about this place that has everything for anybody. Be sure to watch the video player above for an in-depth look at one of the most unique one-stop shops in North Texas which is a, “Better corner store for food people.”

We love that at Foxtrot you can pop in for a quick 10-minute lunch break, sit down, hang out with your friends, or come back later in the evening, have a glass of wine, and just vibe out for a little bit. It is truly a one-stop shop like no other.

Here’s a list of Dallas locations:

  • Knox-Henderson
  • University Park
  • Uptown