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INTEGRITY MARKETING GROUP SPONSORED CONTENT — Recently the folks at Integrity Marketing Group held a Diwali Celebration in the heart of Downtown Dallas.

Texas is home to the second largest American Indian population by state and Integrity Marketing Group officials say they are proud to have 25% of their Dallas-based employees of Indian heritage.

“We are celebrating diversity and inclusion by celebrating Diwali,” Harsh Singla, chief technology officer for Integrity Marketing Group, said.

For those unfamiliar, Diwali is India’s most popular festival which goes by the name of “The Festival of Lights.”

Diwali signifies this victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

“Integrity celebrates Diwali every year on an annual basis. We celebrate Diwali, just as one way of celebrating diversity. One of the core values of the company is family. And this signifies our full values of family. We invite everybody via diversity and inclusion,” Singla said.

“Our chief technology officer is really the one who inspired all of this. Harsh Singla is just an incredible person who was born in India, but now is an American citizen,” Bryan W. Adams, co-founder & CEO of Integrity Marketing Group said. “We’re celebrating all of our great people here at Integrity, and the cultural differences with our respect and diversity, to have so much fun learning about their culture as we create our own culture here at Integrity as

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