DALLAS (KDAF) — Plant-based is all the rage these days.

Nowadays it’s easier to go vegan, with tons of options mimicking the taste of meat and animal products made with plant-based ingredients.

Despite this ease of access to alternative foods, some still find it difficult to stick to a plant-based diet. Do not fear, though, as we have Meridan Zerner, Registered dietitian at Cooper Aerobics, here to talk about some basic ways to do a plant-based diet properly.

So, what does it mean to be plant based?

“A plant-based diet really just means plant slant. You’re moving in the direction of having more of these plants and fruits and vegetables. That’s really where the health impact is really in the substitution of more plants versus animal products. That’s where you’re getting more fiber and more anti-inflammatory and more vitamin C, vitamin B six is all of that good stuff. It’s [also] about Whole Foods,” Zerner said.

Watch the video player above for the full interview with Meridan.

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