DALLAS (KDAF) — If you grew up in the 90s or the early 2000s, you should know exactly who Grave Digger is. The beefy massive vehicular contraption is just one of 12 monster trucks you can expect to see at Monster Jam.

Lindsay Reid is the driver behind Monster Mutt, one of the incredible monster trucks fans got to witness at Monster Jam in Arlington. Lindsay is a North Texas herself and says it was an exciting experience driving Monster Mutt in front of her neighbors.

“I am super excited to be here. All my friends, all my family, they get to come out and support me and watch me do what I love. Let me tell you, the nerves are really getting to me. I’m so excited. I’m so nervous, because I want to put on a great show for all of them,” Lindsay said.

Obviously, Monster Jam is an intense experience, not just for the fans, but for the drivers as well, with a tough training regiment.

“I had a great opportunity to go to Monster Jam University. Yes, there’s a university. So I go there and I learned how to do everything from the ground up the safety equipment to get into starting it. We started out with doughnuts and figure eights and they just built it up from there. We learned how to race how to freestyle and now I’m out here living my dream,” Lindsay says.

Some of the things fans can expect at Monster Jam include breaking a lot of things, a skill challenge, and, of course, the freestyle.

CW33 reporter Landon Wexler got a chance to tour one of the Monster Trucks himself. Watch the video player above for that tour.

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