NATROL SPONSORED CONTENT — You know, with the new year comes new resolutions and one that will make a big difference is to get a more restful restorative sleep just so we can be our best selves.

Joining Inside DFW is celebrity TV interior designer, Jenny Marrs who is teaming up with Natrol and Walmart to showcase design solutions for creating that ideal sleep environment.

Why is a good night’s sleep so important?

Sleep is just important to our overall health. Obviously, we all feel better when we sleep well, but it does affect everything when it comes to our health. It affects our brain performance. It affects our mood and affects our ability to really embrace and be present in each day. I know I personally have five kids. So I need a good night’s sleep to function each day and keep up with everybody. So that’s why I teamed up with Natrol and Walmart because this campaign that they created is all about getting people to sleep better. They want to help people to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and then wake up feeling revitalized.

How is this campaign going to help all of us with a good night’s sleep?

I joined the campaign with my design tips to create a sleep sanctuary and then Natrol and Walmart are offering all the tools folks need to sleep better, including a sweepstake, which involves a grand prize of a $10,000 bedroom makeover to the lucky winner. And then other prizes include Walmart gift cards and Natrol sleep aid products.

How can we make our bedroom a sleep sanctuary?

It’s important to approach your bedroom as you know, a peaceful retreat. And whatever you bring into the space should be soothing and calming. So, you know, think about the color palette and make sure it’s something that is peaceful and calming. It’s super easy to paint your wall. So if you want to get a can of paint and have a project this weekend, paint your walls a nice soothing soft color. Tie that in with cozy soft bedding. You know, think about your lighting, making sure your lighting and layer so if you have overhead lighting, you don’t want it to be harsh. Put it on dimmers and add some lamps to your bedside tables, so that you really have this soft, warm space. Making sure you know you have your sleep tools like a book or journal, you know, your Natrol melatonin gummies keeping those nearby really thinking through how this can be a retreat. And the place that you wind down at the end of a long day.

How can that melatonin help?

So these Natrol melatonin gummies are awesome because they are made with clean ingredients and they’re drug-free. They work with the natural sleep cycles that your body produces. So they really are effective, but they’re also gentle on your body, which I think is so important and helps you to have that revitalized sleep where you feel great the next morning.

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