DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re born and bred Texan you may own a hat or two for almost any occasion imaginable.

Fashion is always top of mind here in North Texas and currently, there’s a Texas Hat Bar trend sweeping the Lone Star State. It’s a sensory stirring experience where you can pick a-la-carte adornments, everything from the branding, to the gems, to the exotic feathers and clothes.

All of this, in order to create a hat that’s uniquely yours. Don’t know where to go in North Texas? Don’t you worry, we got an inside look with Dallas-based Topped Hats.

Topped Hats was founded by Dana Vidal, Sophia Vidal and Linda Uphoff to bring you a shop that lets your design a hat perfect for you.

The shop says, “Topped Hats has created a sensory-stirring hat-bar experience, where the client is a participant in the design process. In the showroom, shoppers can bedeck their hats in all manner of à la carte adornments: silk ribbons, silk scarves, mud cloths, snakeskin, leather braided pearl bands, horsehair tail bands, and tooled leather bands, hat pins, exotic feathers such as Yucatan turkey, Asian peacock pheasant, and vivid Macaw feathers. Bespoke hand-branded initials or motifs are also on the menu; so are torched and distressed styles for those desiring that rough-hewn, rowdy, good-time vibe.”

Be sure to check out Topped Hats and their shop here.