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DALLAS (KDAF) — You know, as often as possible, we like to lift up people doing something positive in our community. Inside DFW got the opportunity to chat with Maggy Troup Director of Development for the nonprofit It’s Time Texas.

What does this free community health and fitness challenge across the state entail?

Our Community Challenge is a fun free eight-week program that we run. And like any good challenge, there are prizes involved. And so it’s to support Texas to make healthier choices throughout the year.

This is all virtual, you can do this from anywhere, can you explain how it works, and how people can participate?

That’s the best part is it can be done anywhere. It’s for the entire state of Texas. And so it’s an app easy to download. And you can do fun things like logging your water intake, and healthy meals, there are community meetups and all of this, and you get points and the points to get you on the leaderboard. And we do weekly prizes, as well as end-of-the-challenge prizes for the top leaders in our communities. It’s completely free to anybody in the state of Texas, which is the best part because we want to bring some health to Texas and start to encourage people to make better choices. And I’m always very much encouraged by prizes and community. And it’s always better to do things with friends.

I also love that you have maps for trails, if you’re somebody who wants to hike, but I don’t know where to go, you have that on the app too.

Community is huge. Because we know when it comes to making healthier choices, we want to bring in community, so I always say download the app and bring a friend so you can start meetups, there are also community events that are through the app that you can go attend, you can create your own, we have some that are from our network as well. And so we just want to help people to start making better choices, eating healthier, drinking more water, making those small decisions that at the beginning of the year. We know that when we create those habits, they last throughout the year and then for years to come.

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