DALLAS (KDAF) — Is it your turn to cook dinner tonight and you want to impress that special person in your life? Here is a salmon ceviche recipe for you from Fort Worth restaurant Toro Toro.

“Toro Toro is a celebration of Latin American gastronomic culture that integrates fresh ingredients with techniques and flavors of the two richest cuisines in Latin America: Mexican and Peruvian,” as their website states.


  • 100 grams salmon diced (3.5 oz)
  • 20 grams leche de tigre SUB (.70 oz)
  • 30 grams ponzu nikkei sauce SUB (1.05 oz)
  • 10 grams shaved red onion (.35 oz)
  • 5 grams shaved radish (.17 oz)
  • 20 grams orange sweet potato diced SUB (.70 oz)
  • 10 grams of shaved baby cucumber (.35 oz)
  • 2 grams of kosher salt (.07 oz)
  • 50 grams of plantain chips
  • 50 grams of corn tortilla chips

In a mixing bowl mix the salmon with leche de tigre and salt, then add the ponzu nikkei sauce and taste for flavor, place the salmon in the small round white plate and garnish with shaved red onion, shaved fresno chili, orange sweet potato, shaved baby cucumber and micro cilantro leaves, to finish put crushed ice in to a bigger plate in order to keep to the salmon cold,

Ponzue nikkei SUB

First step: make a “ponzu reduction”

  • 6 liter mirin (202 fl oz)
  • 28 grams crushed red pepper flakes (1 oz)
  • 90 grams kombu cut into half (3.17 oz)
  • 750 grams piloncillo (Mexican molasses) or brown sugar (26 oz)

Mix all the ingredients in the pot, place the pot on the stove and make sure do not boil, always has to be at medium heat, reduce the liquid amount until you get 2 liters, which means you need to reduce 70% of the liquid amount; cool down in the ice and do not strain, reserve cold

Secon step: make the “ponzu nikkei sauce”

  • 2 liters ponzu reduction
  • 4 liters of soy sauce
  • 2 liters of rice vinegar
  • 1.5 liters mirin
  • 2.5 liters sake
  • 4 liters yuzu
  • 170 grams kombu

Combine all the ingredients in plastic container (avoid the stainless steel) and let them rest for 10 days minimum

Leche de Tigre

  • 500 grams lime juice
  • 250 grams white fish
  • 70 grams ice
  • 50 grams celery
  • 20 grams salt
  • 4 grams garlic
  • 20 grams ginger
  • 1 gram black pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and pulse. Do not blend otherwise you can’t strain and it will become foamy consistency. Strain through a fine strainer and chill. Leche de Tigre has to be made on a daily basis. This will yield 500 grams

Corn Tortilla Chips

  • 11.5 kilograms tortillas
  • 170 grams salt
  • 7.5 liters canola oil

Cut the tortilla into 8 triangular pieces, use the tortillas from the previous day because they absorb less oil, then cook in the fryer at 180 degrees centigrade for a few minutes until crispy, season with salt and let drain and cool on absorbent paper. Reserve and store in a cool and dry place

Plantain Chips SUB

  • 11.5 kilograms green plantain
  • 170 grams salt
  • 7.5 liters canola oil

Make sure the plantain is unripe (if it is green and hard it’s better). Slice the plantain along with the skin into the slicing machine, make sure each slice is thin and large, add the plantain slices into cold water until you finish all the plantain. Strain and add into the deep fryer at 160C for a few minutes until crispy. Season with salt and let drain and cool on absorbent paper. Reserve and store in a cool and dry place

Orange sweet potato diced SUB

  • 500 grams sweet potato diced
  • 800 grams orange juice
  • 2 grams black peppercorns
  • 1 gram bay leaf
  • 5 grams kosher salt

Cut the sweet potato (make sure to get it diced), then in a sauce pan put all the ingredients and cook, make sure to not boil or overcook the sweet potato, cook down the sweet potato inside the juice and store it with the juice.