DALLAS (KDAF) — Going to the chiropractor as a human and getting your body worked on by these amazing professionals will leave you skipping out of their office after stumbling in with the pain you go through.

Who knew you could do the same thing for your pets? In Stride Chiropractic is looking to help give your pets a better life with results-oriented chiropractic care.

Inside DFW got an inside look at the treatments they offer and what they want to do for animals of all kinds.

“Our 1st objective is to help your pet feel better

We focus on finding the root cause of what’s going on (not just chasing symptoms). We apply hands on treatment to get your pet out of pain as fast as possible.

​Our 2nd objective is to empower you, the owner

We focus on building strength & resilience by giving owners strategies to help their pet so that their pet can decrease their reliance on external means, such as pain medication.

​Our 3rd objective is to build resilience 

Once pets can hold their adjustment, we focus on getting your pet back to their routine. We want to empower your animal to get back to the things they love without the chance of their pain coming back

​Our 4th objective is to support your pet and enable them to live their life to the fullest

We will do periodic check in’s as your pet gets back to their routine and make small adjustments to continue to allow them to manage their pain and/or perform at their best. Chiropractic care is a healthy habit that we recommend our patients continue throughout their lifetime!”

In Stride