DALLAS (KDAF) — As we start preparing for holiday dinner we want to get you prepared with the best wines to serve. John Kiel, wine & spirits director at III Forks, has some excellent tips.

Appetizers: rosé

This wine is a perfect way to start of the night with some fun. Think about it: when guests are arriving, they’re going to go straight for the appetizers. Rosé is fun bubbly and tastes great. It pairs perfectly with cheeses, shrimp cocktail and tons of other appetizers.

Salad: sauvignon blanc

If you are having a traditional multi-course meal this holiday season and it starts with a salad, a perfect pairing is the sauvignon blanc.

The sauvignon blanc has grassy notes, some apples and a lot of grapefruit to it. We think this is the perfect pairing to go with salad and apples, so maybe add some diced apples to those greens.

Main course: chardonnay, pinot noir

So after the salad, we really want to get into our main course. We’re talking turkey, ham, very popular items for your holiday dinner. A couple of wines that we’d recommend would be a chardonnay and a pinot noir.

Chardonnay pairs very well with any type of light meat and cream dishes. The buttery and creamy texture of the wine is a perfect pairing.

Pinot Noir pairs well with almost everything that you’re going to have on a holiday dinner. It’s great with Turkey, it’s great with pork. It certainly is very nice with a lot of the side dishes and your stuffing. Pinot noir has a very light texture, you get a lot of different cherry flavors, you get some earthiness to it.

Red meat: red blend, cabernet

One of the wines we like to pair with red meat is a nice red blend, which is based with cabernet and merlot. One of the most important things to remember is the fat from the meat will cut into the tannins of the wine. They’ll soften those tannins and really bring out the essence of that wine.

So if you’re going with a little bit bigger meat, maybe a ribeye, or that standing rib rose, I would recommend a cabernet. It’s a perfect pairing for some of your bigger meats.

Dessert: think sweet

You want to end with the perfect dessert and the perfect dessert wine, so when you’re choosing a dessert wine, think sweet was sweet.

We recommend the Viognier Doux by Calera. It has some really nice light fruit notes, and it pairs perfectly with the Texas pecan cake.