AFFIRM SPONSORED CONTENT — Amid inflation, managing your money has never been more important, especially as we approach the holidays.

Affirm recently revealed that budgeting for holiday purchases is a top stress for nearly half of us. So let’s turn to financial health expert, Katrina Holt for some budgeting tips ahead of the holiday season.

Here are some of the tips she has for holiday budgeting. She says there are three simple things you can do to make sure you stay on budget this year.

The first one is kind of obvious but it is to actually create a budget. Know exactly what you want to spend before those holiday expenses really start to ramp up.

Tying those expenses back to that budget is making sure that you’re keeping track. Use a transparent flexible payment option like Affirm to spread out your costs. With a company like Affirm, you can choose from customized bi-weekly, or monthly payment plans.

Each of those plans has a clear start date and end date, and you know exactly what you’re going to pay. So no math is required. Plus Affirm doesn’t charge any hidden or late fees.

This takes us to tip number three, watch out for gotchas and gimmicks. This is the time when most companies are really running those enticing deals, but some of them come with those gotchas and gimmicks in the fine print. The one we really want to call out is 0% APR for credit card promotions. These can often come with what is called deferred interest, which means that something that is a great deal right now could lead to a large balloon payment down the road long after the holidays are over.