DALLAS (KDAF) — Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in high school and college athletics, and it just so happens that there’s a superstore in North Texas with everything you need to play.

Inside DFW went out to check out Plano’s Lacrosse Unlimited so that if you or the athlete in your life is interested, they can easily get into one of the country’s fasting-growing sports.

“So Lacrosse Unlimited started in 1990 in New York, and we’ve now expanded across 14 states with 46 different retail stores. The main thing we provide is the best customer service possible. Anytime you come in here to get anything, we’re going to treat it like it’s our own, and sticks training and equipment sizing, anything like that, we’ll be able to take care of your needs, make sure you’re properly equipped, and going to have the best possible time on the lacrosse field.

We do some custom dying as well. This is just an example. But you can put any logos you want on here. Any numbers anything like any customizations, you can even put writing on the inside of there, the more you customize, the higher quality it’s going to be the longer it’s going to last and the better product you’re going to get out of the player on the field, they’re going to enjoy the game more, they’re going to have a better feel for it, they’re going to want to learn more about it over time.”

Connor Kimball Manager of Lacrosse Unlimited Plano

Kimball walked us through all the equipment it takes to get into the sport and why Lacrosse Unlimited is the spot for those getting into or furthering themselves in the world of LAX. For more information check out lacrosseunlimited.com.