DALLAS (KDAF) — Now that Halloween has come and gone, Christmas is right around the corner, and of course, the Christmas Capital of Texas is getting a head start.

ICE! has officially returned to the Gaylord Texan. The Polar Express is making a stop this season and it looks amazing and they’re not even finished yet, they still have some ways to go.

But what all goes into making this giant ice display?

“The first big thing you see [when you show up] is the iconic train [from The Polar Express]. It’s actually made from two tons of black ice. It is spectacular and a really good photo op,” Martha Neibling, director of marketing for the Gaylord Texan, said.

Obviously, if you look outside, there is no ice in North Texas at the moment. So, where do they get all this ice from?

“The first thing we do with the art is get [the ice] from China. There’s an ice plant where all of the ice is created. So they make blocks and all different colors, a rainbow of colors, as well as the clear ice that looks like crystal or frosted eyes that can be like a snowman or snow. Then all of that gets trucked over inside the nine-degree ice tent,” Neibling said.

And yes, everything really is made out of ice.

“Everything is made of ice minus the carpet. This is always my favorite room of ice, where we have the ice slides that you’ll see this year. We have a beautiful backdrop. In addition to all the clear ice, you’re gonna see a huge polar express train that wraps around up above. We have children and adults that love to get on these ice slides. It’s a big highlight every year,” Neibling said.

Now, this exhibit is a hot commodity in North Texas so get your tickets early! Learn more by clicking here.