DALLAS (KDAF) — We are officially in the season of comfort food. If you want the local diner feel with a Canadian flavor twist, then Maple Leaf Diner is your go-to.

“I moved to Texas in 2007. I moved to Frisco. When I was in Frisco, [I noticed] there were not a whole lot of diners. It was more like the land of the franchises. Where I used to live, there was a little diner around the corner that I used to always go to. There’s a little fish and chips place and it’s all like Mom and Pop, like good homey food. So I was really missing that,” Mike DeLaurier, owner of Maple Leaf Diner, said.

That wasn’t the only thing DeLaurier said he was missing. Food has the power to really connect you to your home and for him, he was missing Canadian cuisine.

“I was also missing some key Canadian favorites like my Canadian bacon, and butter tarts. Butter tarts are a little tart. It’s like a pecan tart. It has a little bit of golden raisins in it. But it is so buttery, and delicious. They’re actually everywhere. They’re in every gas station, every store everywhere in Canada and I could not find them there,” DeLaurier said.

You may be wondering, what exactly is the difference between Canadian food and food we would traditionally find in the states?

“Well, the funny thing is everybody’s like, ‘What’s Canadian food?’ Canadian food is definitely more homey, and comforting. Normally we like our gravies and sauces. The biggest thing I find that Canadian is really just like the homemade aspect, just the comfort food. We’re coming into the season of comfort food season. So this is our season,” DeLaurier said.

CW33 reporter Stephanie Mendez made a pit stop to Maple Leaf Dinner to try out their classics. Watch the video for her full foodie tour.

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