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DALLAS (KDAF) — There are tons of DIY hacks all over the internet with helpful tips on how to do ordinary tasks, one of those being applying sunscreen.

In a TikTok posted on @kamgregory’s profile, she recommends using a beauty blender to apply sunscreen to your face.

Inside DFW Jenny Anchondo is a mother and says that she often has to chase her daughter around the house to apply sunscreen to her face. So, she is trying out this DIY hack to see if it makes her life easier.

“I figured, ‘Let’s try it out to see if this works’,” Jenny says.

Does this method work?

The full answer, it’s complicated. Yes, it does help you apply sunscreen to your face. But for the original purpose of making Jenny’s life easier when applying sunscreen on her child, no.

She disapproves.

However, Jenny did try another method she found online. Instead of using a beauty blender, she used a makeup brush and applied it like foundation. This seemed more effective.

Her daughter even decided to join in on the fun and used the brush to apply it herself. A win in our eyes.

She approves.