DALLAS (KDAF) — John Wayne may have been one of the most famous people in America, but according to Anita Lacava Swift, his eldest granddaughter, he was just like anyone else’s grandfather.

“I got to go on movie sets. It was a lot of fun. He was great. He loved kids, loved to play cards and chess. If you could play chess, you were his friend for life,” Swift said.

And despite being respected by other Hollywood legends, Wayne held himself with transparency.

“What you saw on screen, that was him,” Swift said.

Out of respect for her late grandfather, Swift is one of the many people in the Wayne family working to carry on his legacy.

Wayne recorded a spoken word album called ‘America: Why I Love Her’, in which he recited 10 patriotic poems written by actor John Mitchum, brother of Robert Mitchum.

This album was then translated into a children’s book series, where Little Duke and friends journey through the 10 stories (like the 10 songs on the album) and learn about ‘true American values.’

Swift routinely visits John Wayne Museums around the country and reads this series to children. To learn more about this series, click here.