DALLAS (KDAF) — I know you have the desire to eat healthily and make healthy meals, but perhaps you don’t have the time.

Picture this, you have a long and busy week ahead and you just can’t find enough time in your day to make healthy meals. Trust us, we’ve all been there. But today we checked out a North Texas meal service that’s making the freshest meals for you and your family. It’s called Á Table.

We caught up with Josephine Giesen to learn more about this food service and what it’s doing to get families back to the dinner table.

“I came with my husband and our son, we left Lebanon when he was three years old. And then we went to London for two years. So when we got here, I’m a speech therapist, I have nothing to do with food and all this. So when we got here, I decided that I needed to do something, either I’m going to go back to speech therapy, or I’m going to do my own company. I noticed that people are in such a hurry between all their activities. And I noticed that people do not have time to actually sit at the dinner table after all those activities. And I found that there’s a need there. So I started having focus groups with mothers from kindergarten, yes, inviting them every Thursday. And we used to discuss the importance of this time and what would be the solution.

So after a couple of months of doing this, I invited them to a party where we exposed the solution which is bringing the family back to the dinner table in a sustainable way. The mission is to bring the family back to the dinner table in terms of value. This is what we want to do in a sustainable way means as much as possible organic as much as possible, grass-fed, and pasture-raised, like clean ingredients. And using compostable containers using bags that are reusable. So we people can place their order in advance. So the way it works, the menu changes every Sunday. It’s not the whole menu, but most of it changes every Sunday at 3 p.m. And then people can place their orders from Sunday to Thursday for a Monday delivery. And until Sunday for a Wednesday delivery. This is how it’s going now. Now since we are still in a mindset of growth. This is something that might change a bit as we grow and realize we need to do things better. We are very flexible as a team, we try to make things better for the customer for the team, and for the business.

So when you place your order, the good thing is that your order is is going to be delivered to your home at your door so it’s super convenient. The containers are compostable containers and they go straight in the oven. And we cook in a way and this is something that we worked on, we cooked in a way that it’s not completely cooked. So it’s kind of like 80% cooked so when you put it in the oven, it’s not reheated. It’s actually heated so it gets out the chicken is not dried, and the beef is not dry. It feels as if you just cooked it and put it in the oven.”

Josephine Giesen

It’s always good to know that one of your meals is going to be sent to you with the freshest ingredients, but you’re also getting these nutritious quick, and easy meals for you and your family. Before sure to check them out here and get started on getting your family back to the dinner table.