DALLAS(KDAF)— A good candle can enhance any space in your home— or in this case, send you on a tropical vacation.

This mission-based candle company is making its candles with all of the good and none of the bad. Malibu Apothecary founder and CEO, Claire Ellis, shares with CW33 how her love for fragrances pushed her to do a bit more research on what goes into your typical candle.

Ellis said a large part of the candle market includes toxic ingredients that are regulated in a lot of spaces but not in the “air care” market.

Malibu Apothecary consists of candles and fragrances made with coconut and soy wax, essential oil-infused fragrances that each have notes inspired by different tropical destinations.

Ellis offers a candle class where people can mix and match some of their favorite scents and customize their own labels. During the class, Ellis goes through a brief history of the science of perfumery paired with drinks and small bites.

To book a class or shop at Malibu Apothecary, visit their website here.