DALLAS (KDAF) — Have you heard of biohacking?

The newest advancement in health and wellness is drawn from the fields of biology, genetics, neuroscience and nutrition to enhance overall well-being and even potentially extend your lifespan — yes, you read that right.

And AdvancedYOU is bringing biohacking to Dallas.

“In the past few years, science has come out with so many studies that prove the effectiveness biohacking has on the anti-aging process,” said William Moore, Owner of AdvancedYOU. “For this reason, biohacking has surged in popularity. There was no real facility that offered the top treatments, so I launched one. It was simply a supply and demand thing.”

The anti-aging clinic specializes in men’s sexual wellness, aesthetics, longevity, and biohacking. Services include hair restoration, metabolic testing, oxygen therapy, superhuman protocol, and cryotherapy.