DALLAS(KDAF)—Did you know ferrets are one of the most popular pets in the United States? How about the fact that they don’t live in the wild – they’re exclusively domestic? We learned that while visiting the folks behind the Texas Ferret Lover’s Rescue!

Many ferrets make for energetic, affectionate, and loving pets. But they like to sleep 18-20 hours each day! Much like toddlers though, owners need to make sure to keep them out of trouble. But unlike a toddler, you can teach these guys to go to the bathroom in a box…

Holly Balentine and Barbara Bullock run the adoption and fostering program – the only nonprofit, 501(c)(3) no-kill shelter program of its kind in Texas. They work with local animal shelters, vets, and rescues across the region to find proper homes for each ferret – learn more about what it takes to be a ferret parent (or a fer-rent) here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Texas Ferret Lover’s Rescue, become a ferret foster parent, or a fer-rent, or would like to donate to their cause, click here!