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DALLAS — Dennis Lee Allen and Stanley Mozee were convicted of murdering Reverend Jesse Borns, Jr. back in 2,000 and sentenced to life in prison. But last year, the men were released on bond after their convictions were overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct.

Attorneys with the Innocence Project, an organization that assists prisoners in proving their innocence, are seeking a new trial based on DNA evidence. They’re also challenging witness testimony from jailhouse informants.

Tuesday morning, Allen and Mozee were at the Frank Crowley Courthouse in Dallas. This time, it was the prosecutor on the stand. Rick Jackson, now retired, has denied cutting a deal with the jailhouse informant, but the defense produced letters showing the informant thought he would get a deal.

Judge John Creuzot, also retired, testified for the defense and believes there’s enough evidence to warrant a new trial, “It appears that there’s significant documents in the file that indicate that they lied when they testified.”

And that’s all Allen and Mozee say they want — a second chance to prove their innocence.