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PLANO– For one red-tailed hawk in Plano, it was fight or flight after getting injured and being found on the side of the road.

“We got this bird in at the end of July, did triage on it at our facility, put it in our flight cage so it could get some exercise and prey testing –some live prey testing to make sure it would be healthy enough to go back into the wild,” Erich Newport with Blackland Prairie Raptor Center said.

After mending the big bird’s wing, the folks with Black Prairie Raptor Center had to find a place for the hawk to spread its wings.

“We are standing in Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve. It’s an 800-acre park and nature persevere,” Keym Hughes with the City Of Plano said.

“Large fields like this here at Oak Point are perfect for these types of birds,” Newport added

Soon, after a wing and a prayer, it was time to release the hawk.

“My heart…. It’s just bursting. It is so great to see an animal to get a second opportunity like that,” said Hughes.

That’s right, for this red-tailed hawk, it’s home sweet home.