Injured Dog Still Needs Forever Home

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EULESS — The folks with Dallas Fire-Rescue are no strangers to getting into heated situations. But back in January, after responding to a suspected arson case, they came across an injured pit bull.

“(The dog) actually came inside the house and walked up toward me. (I) tied a leash around her and brought her to the backyard. That’s when Jackson realized her neck was cut,” firefighter Joseph Nguyen said.

“At first, I thought it was from her being chained up, but turns out, obviously, since the vet said it was two distinctive cuts, that wasn’t the case,” first responder J.W. Jackson said.

Someone had slit her throat. Soon the firefighters called in the non-profit group . Fast-forward to today and the dog they named Khaleesi  after the Game of Thrones character.

“She’s a very strong female, so if you follow Game of Thrones at all you would know she very much matches the character. She’s a fighter,” said  Calli Corley with DFW Rescue Me.

She is still waiting to be adopted.

“Anybody who decides to adopt would luck out with a dog like her.”

Folks with DFW rescue me say despite the three-year-old pit’s traumatic past, her temperament is a lot better than her Game of Throne’s namesake.

“She has done very well. With that type of injury, it’s astounding how she has rebounded and she doesn’t hold a grudge against humans.”

This isn’t ruff life, but Khaleesi is certainly in need of a fur-ever home.

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