Independence! 50 Immigrants Celebrate New American Citizenship in Dallas

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DALLAS — Within the gaze of our nation’s first president, 50 people heard words that might make even George Washington well up.

“Congratulations. You are now citizens of the United States of America.”

The Dallas Arboretum hosted a well timed naturalization ceremony, allowing those 50 people – representing 21 countries – to call themselves Americans.

“Getting citizenship in the Land of Opportunity is like getting into a bigger opportunity place,” said Indian immigrant Stanley Samuel. “It’s like getting into Heaven.”

When’s the last time you heard the USA compared to Heaven? That’s really what it feels like for many of our newest residents.

“Americans are very warm people, welcoming people,” Zimbabwean immigrant Yemurai Emily Dzikiti said. “It’s just one big melting pot. It’s fun to be in America.”

As our politicians go in circles in one of the most contentious election cycles ever, our newest citizens are ready to rock the vote.

“I’m waiting for that day,” Dzikiti said of her first chance to vote in her lifetime. “November. I’m ready. I’m geared up.”

Until then, a private park bench next to founding father Benjamin Franklin did for Stanley Samuel.

Oh, and we’re about to get Harriet Tubman $20’s, so why not Stanley Samuel singles?

Hey…it could happen!

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