Inauguration Day Shows One Way America has it Pretty Good

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — There’s been a lot of talk over the past few months about the “peaceful transfer of power” that’s a tradition here in the USA.

It’s easy to take that tradition for granted. But let’s not forget that we just watched the 45th-straight peaceful presidential swearing-in, while all over the world there are countries where leadership doesn’t change nearly as smoothly.

There are 13 countries right now with leaders who took power through revolution and coups d’etat – by overthrowing the existing government.

Most recently, Egypt, Thailand, and Yemen had successful takeovers in the last five years, while just last year, an attempted coup in Turkey left 300 people dead, and 100,000 “purged”.

Even more impressive – and maybe more important – than taking power peacefully is giving it up without a fight.

9 countries are currently run by presidents or prime ministers who have been in charge for 30 years or more, And 23 countries have had the same royalty for at least three decades.

And let’s not forget places like North Korea, where the title of “Supreme Leader” has run in the Kim family since the nation was established in 1948.

So, hey, whether you love the new POTUS or not so much. At least you live in America, where they’ll be a new one in four – or eight – short years.

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