In Love With Cocoa: Snorting Chocolate to Get High

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BRUGES, BELGIUM — We love our chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day. But what happens when you crave the cocoa a little too much? How about a chocolate high? Seriously.

Meet Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone. He’ll be the first to say his love for chocolate goes way beyond eating it or cooking it. This dude actually snorts it.

“It’s very easy. You count to three and sniff,” Persoone demonstrated in his YouTube video.

This crazy cocoa concoction started back in 2007. When he created his first cocoa shooter for Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Woods’ birthday.

In case you’re curious, it’s a 15 minute high, people.

Well, you can probably guess this Chocolate Factory isn’t anything like Wonka’s.

Persoone not only sells these shooters for $45, but his line of flavored Cocoa-Chanel lipsticks and mood-boosting chocolate pills are up for grabs too.

Looks like this guys is literally thinking outside the box when it comes to chocolate.

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