If you’re getting cabin fever, you can now have cars brought to your home to test drive.


A visitor checks a Toyota Land Cruiser. Photo: TORU YAMANAKA/AFP via Getty Images)

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As North Texas and the rest of the country continues to limit social gatherings and stay at home due to COVID-19, people are relying on an arsenal of tools to stave off cabin fever.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (and of course CW33) are all vital in preventing your family from going full-on Mad Max Thunderdome on each other. But there’s another resource – test driving cars.

Most businesses have had to adapt to meet people’s needs as the U.S. and the world manage the coronavirus pandemic, including restaurants and stores and now, car dealerships.

One such dealership is Toyota of Irving, which is offering “Store to Door Test Drives.” Customers can call, fill out a form on the website, chat on the website, or send a Facebook message. Basically anyway, customers want to contact them they’ll make it happen.

It’s kind of like ordering from Grub Hub or Doordash but instead of lo mein, you get the car.

If you’ve binged all you can binge, this could help you retain your sanity.

Full transparency: Toyota of Irving is an advertiser of CW33, but this is not a paid advertisement.

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