If no one’s voting, why do we bother with “mid-midterm” elections?

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DALLAS — Get your vote on today? Anyone? Sure didn’t seem like it!

Tuesday was that weird kind of “mid-midterm” election, the one that happens the year before and the year after the President gets elected. The question is, if no one’s showing up, why don’t we just scrap it?

“No matter your political opinion, right, left, center, no matter where you are, every election counts,” said Oak Lawn resident Bruce Barber.

But aren’t we better informed during big election seasons? Can’t it just wait until then?

“They knew if they wanted to vote for Clinton or vote for Trump, and as soon as they were done with that they maybe knew who they wanted to vote for for Congress, and then as soon as they were done with that a lot of people were very confused about what they wanted to do next,” said SMU Associate Professor of Communications and Public Affairs. “Would they be better informed? I think maybe not.”

Sounds like elections like this could be a perfect time for our legislators to pull a fast one and push through things we don’t want. Martin says we should be a lot more worried about big fundraisers, gerrymandering, and voter intimidation.

“If there’s one way for people to push back about cynical legislators,” she said, “let them (the legislators) put stuff on the ballot and depend on people not to show up. You can’t complain about that.”

So what were you supposed to be voting on locally?

Fort Worth schools are banking on their biggest bond ever: $750 million.

Dallas County is proposing that individual school systems contract their own bus companies instead of the county doing it.

And in Dallas, how about a million dollars in bond money, 10 propositions on the ballot, and you vote for the one you want to get the money?

That’s a lot of pressure.

Good thing you missed out!

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