Ice, Ice Baby? TxDOT Crews Prepping Roads

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FORT WORTH, Texas—Happy New Year’s Eve!  While some of you are thinking about one kind of cocktail, TxDot has a cocktail—or mix, rather, of their own that will keep you moving.

“[It consists of] Salt-based de-icers such as sand, brine, and a combination of the materials depending on the situation of the roadways,” TxDOT Public Information Officer Natalie Galindo said.

Trucks are already out and about, layin it on.  They’ll have some help from infrared thermometers that will monitor the roads.  Wednesday night, the area was under a winter weather advisory.  Places like Jacksboro are already getting a taste.

“Put more clothes on, bundle up. Next week, it’s supposed to warm up a little bit,” Brett Irwin said.

“Do I care?” Passerby Brandon Little laughed as he pulled his scarf over his face.  “Oh, I obviously care, I’ve got everything set up for it, about to go out and drill a water well.”

This is only 90 miles from Dallas!  We’re not far from spots that will experience wintry weather.  That’s why TxDOT trucks are out near you, with a big dose of ‘just in case.’

“The bridges are the first things that freeze,” Galindo added.  “We have our maintenance crews all on deck—people that work behind the scenes, and the people that work actually on the roadways…spreading the salt and sand.”

It could be worse.  In Southern California, hundreds were trapped in cars and had to be rescued.  It’s even supposed to snow in Las Vegas.  Hey, who wants to be ‘iced’—especially at the craps table?

Many folks aren’t letting the weather get in the way of their plans.

“I’m going to a birthday party,” Irwin said.  “If you see this Cassie, happy birthday!”

Wherever you might be celebrating the New Year, remember this.

“Get home safe to [your] families,” Galindo said.

DALLAS — Better safe than sorry. TxDOT crews were out Tuesday night prepping North Texas roads just in case we get ice.

A Freezing Rain Advisory starts at midnight and goes through Thursday, New Year’s Day.

How much ice are we talking? Where? And most importantly — what does it mean for your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Meteorologist Kevin Roth breaks it all down for us.

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