Ice Guys: North Texas Jeep Club Helps out Stranded Motorists

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ARLINGTON -- Ever since the ice storm hit, a lot of drivers are spinning their wheels, trying not to end up stuck on the side of the road. Well, North Texas' Chisholm Trail Jeep Club has your back.

“We just wanted to give back to the community,” said  Allan Peterson with the Chisholm Trail Jeep Club.

So in order to give back, the Jeep Club put together a search and rescue team to help stranded drivers and sidelined semis.

“Several of the guys, they all went out and saw one truck that was stranded, went to help him, and it just snowballed. Pardon the pun.” Peterson said

“We just pulled up there and drove up in front of them and strapped them up, taking them up the hill.” said Jeep Club member Kevin Chandler.

“You know, people started hopping in line and once we got it going, we said, 'Okay, we've got a gauge on what we need,'" said member Greg Watson.

“And we even rescued a few cars -- and I think a news van. I won't say who it was... but it wasn’t you.” Chandler added.

Toward the end of our first bad weather day, the club had pulled out eight semi's and about a dozen cars, with folks trapped on icy roads giving a warm reception to these volunteer road warriors.

"They’ve been very appreciative, because we were there when wreckers couldn’t make it through the traffic," Peterson said.

With the forecast calling for snow Wednesday, you can bet these master movers will be on the watch for distressed drivers.

Hey, did we mention they do this for free!!

Pay it forward, folks.


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