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DALLAS — Friday was “corporate cleanup day” at the Trinity River Corridor.  Some of Dallas’ biggest companies, led by Southwest Airlines, gave their employees a chance to get out of the office for a day and spend that time giving back.

“We’re doing lots of cleanups, we’re gonna do some plant studies, biological assessments, a lot of cool things,” said Garrett Boone from the Trinity Park Conservancy.  “I’ve always said we need an army of people to help do what we need to do in the Trinity River Corridor. We have a battalion!  A battalion is 400 or more. We have over 500 volunteers here today to help out.”

“For us, it’s really important that we are involved in the Trinity River project,” said Eric Evans of Tenet Healthcare.  “It’s obviously a great asset for our community, makes a better place for our employees to live and raise children, and obviously helps the city thrive.”

But that battalion of volunteers had their work cut out for them. The river is full of trash!

“It’s a shock what all you find out here,” said Eileen Reisdorf, who works for TXU Energy. “There’s underwear, shopping carts, jackets, car batteries, bicycle tires, garden hoses, you name it.  If it’s in your trash at home, it’s probably out here in the river.”

“It’s nice to be out here with all my coworkers and other companies,” Reisdorf added, “Out here picking up, making a difference for Dallas.”