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NEW YORK, NY — A Tinder date gone wrong!

Hundreds of unsuspecting men in New York City got a rude awakening when they showed up for a date, only to find out they were all there to meet the same woman.

“My name is Natasha, and I have a confession to make for everyone here,” said Natasha Aponte after taking to the stage in Union Square where the men had gathered, August 19. “Everyone here, today, was brought here to be on a date with me.”

Many of the love seekers even showed up with flowers and chocolate, but left with a bitter taste in their mouths when they realized it was all a big prank.

The con artist, a self-described actress and model, said she planned the jaw-dropping act to show just how much harassment women face with online dating apps, and she wanted to give men a taste of their own medicine.

“Statistically, people who are on dating apps, half of them are in relationships, so those people should leave,” the bold, bachelorette-wannabe told the crowd of men.

Rob Bliss, the man who helped to produce a viral video of a woman being incessantly catcalled in NYC, said he had a hand in this production as well.

Things, however, backfired for Aponte as she was forced to shut down her social media accounts after receiving backlash from the scorned bachelors.