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Rehab Center Works to Save Birds Hit by Drought

DeSoto-Dozens of baby egrets are filling up the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation facility. That’s because hundreds of egrets are dying in DeSoto, many of dehydration lack of food and habitat destruction. You can blame the drought.

Concerned neighbors on the corner of Hampton and Parkerville Road flew to the aid of the egrets after they found them falling out of the sky or at least out of their nests in these trees!

“As they’re wandering in the neighborhood and out into the green areas they are succumbing to the heat. So some of the neighborhood people have picked up birds and we got 25 yesterday and then we went over there to see what the situation was and we picked up 27 more and then 30 have come in today. So this is just the beginning,” said Kathy Rogers, Director at the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Kathy Rogers runs this rehab center for birds in Hutchins and is taking in the birds, making sure they’re re-hydrated and fed but these egret experts say these birds are expensive to care for.

“Egrets are very labor intensive and very expensive due to their diets. They eat mice and crickets and meal worms and we give them strips of beef heart, but it’s the mice that’s the main staple for them,” said Rogers.

She’s now in a battle against time, these babies are supposed to migrate south in September for the winter months.

“We’re more than happy to take these birds in and raise them and release them back where they’re supposed to be but we do need some help from the public to make sure this happens,” she said.

Sounds like a bad situation, one that won’t end in egret-regret thanks to these folks.