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DALLAS — The annual Metrocon Expo and Conference kicked off today at Dallas Market Hall with over 200 exhibitors sharing innovative ideas and products from industries that cater to the building community, such as interior design, architecture and real estate.

“A big part of this is the educational sessions that we host to teach people how to better support those environments, and how to do it in environmentally friendly ways as well,” Metrocon Volunteer Carl Bergauer told NewsFix.

The big star of the show, however, was one happy-go-lucky rescue puppy from Straydog – a no-kill dog shelter and sanctuary in Gun Barrel City, about an hour South of Dallas.

He’s among 160 rescue dogs currently at the facility.

“We believe in trying to find a home for every dog, but for the dogs that can’t find a home, we provide them a forever home,” Straydog Fundraiser Linda Arnold told NewsFix.

Straydog is hoping to raise enough funds for a new building. They are also hoping to partner with architects and manufacturers.

“After 25 years, our facilities are really worn out, and we want to be able to get our dogs inside, and take care of them in more humane conditions,” Arnold added.

Metrocon is primarily run by volunteers. Organizers say profits support local charities and programs. It runs August 9 – 10.