TUSCON, AZ — “Make sure you get a good shot. Picking up this trash that somebody left on the trail.”

Those were the words of a man humanitarian group No More Deaths claims was US Border Patrol. They were said as he poured out gallons of fresh water along a desert trail.

When you’re in that environment, chances are the sand and dirt aren’t the best places for gallons of water, and that’s the problem according to No More Deaths.

They posted multiple videos on their Facebook page recently, saying all of them are evidence of US Border Patrol agents destroying life saving supplies for migrants. One of the alleged agents even looks like she’s taking placekicking practice, kicking a line up of jogs down a hill as water spills everywhere.

No More Deaths has spent years studying the destruction of supplies left on immigrant trails, mostly along the Mexico-Arizona border.

From 2012-2015 alone, they reported 415 cases of vandalized aid, including a loss of an astounding 3,500 gallons of water. It’s one thing to report it. It’s another thing entirely to see it happen, and that’s what they say we’re seeing in these videos.

Border Patrol leadership in Arizona says the videos are “appalling” and don’t represent their agency.