How will you survive Turkey Day with your family?


If you’re headed home this holiday season and you know you’ll be seeing your extended family, you might be wondering how you avoid the nearly inevitable family time awkwardness.

Of course you want to avoid having one of those silent, never ending, clanking silverware kinds of meals, but more importantly you want to skip the fighting.

Newsflash: in 2017, the Thanksgiving dinner table is more volatile than ever. On top of fun updates about your high school girlfriend and the logistics of Aunt Edna’s new hip, we’ve got nuclear war, Russian interference, Trump’s White House, Hillary’s explanations (and still her emails), and more dirty celebrities than we can count.

So how are you navigating that maze this year?

We asked the people!

“Leave town!” one man said while shopping in NorthPark.

“Patience,” another woman said. “Have patience with everybody,” her husband agreed. “Definitely,” their son said.

“We ban religion and politics,” another woman added.

If all else fails, there’s always Thanksgiving Day football!

Wait…Uncle Mitch has an opinion he wants to share on Zeke Elliott?

Good luck.

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