DON’T HAVE A MELTDOWN MONDAY — Adults and children are trying to keep up with a brisk-moving society and there are so many distractions from what they need to pay attention to.

Mindfulness for children leads to having a longer attention span. These skills help a child’s brain and can lead to improved mental health, resiliency and self-management of emotions.

Here are a few exercises that can help your child learn mindfulness:

  • Noticing and naming: ask your child to notice and name how they feel, sense and think
  • Three-breath hug: hug your child as you both take three deep, synchronized breaths together. Drop your shoulders and let your stress go.
  • Walking on thin-ice: pretend there is thin ice on the floor and your child has to walk across the room slowly, you can even guide them using vocal cues.

Dr. Christopher Taylor, founder and owner of Taylor Counseling Group, joined our show to talk more about the benefits of mindfulness.