How To Save Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters

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The day is almost here and Thanksgiving dinner isn’t getting any easier to prepare. For all of us that don’t always get everything right, the New York Daily News got some pros to help fix our minor or monumental meal mess ups.

Afraid your bird might be dry or overcooked?  Don’t worry.  While you will have to carve the turkey before it gets to the table, taking the breast and letting it simmer and steam in some chicken stock with add moisture back into turkey.

And even if your bird is cooked to perfection you can still make sure it’s served hot and juicy, by just ladling some chicken stock over it before you get it to the table.  You can do the same thing with the stuffing.

Also, if your gravy sat out for a bit and congealed into some sort of water/sludge mixture, you can throw in some bread crumbs, boil it, and strain them out.  It’ll bring everything together and warm that sucker up.

And speaking of things changing after a bit, if your mashed potatoes morph into a buttery cement, boil some milk, stir it in, and bring them taters back to life.

Lastly, on the off chance that you pie, or cake, or other form of baked good sticks to the pan, is too runny, or substantially burned, whip up a trifle.  Get the parts you can salvage, and plop them down with layers of mouse in a parfait glass.  Dessert is saved!

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