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POTTSBORO – The jungle gym, the sand box, ahhh the good old days. What we wouldn`t give to be a kid again, at least just for a day right?

Well actually, head up to Pottsboro and that dream could become a reality!

“The Extreme Sandbox is a heavy equipment adventure company,” explains Extreme Sandbox of North Texas General Manager, David Beardsley. “We get a lot of people that have this on their bucket list, you know a lot of people that just drive down the highway and go, ‘Hey, wouldn`t it be cool to go play on that stuff?”

He had a busy day outside helping one family of four cross it off their list.

“Not something you get to do every day, and it`s something that, I don`t know,” says Preston, “I`m kind of interested in construction, like going into the industry, so I think that`d be really cool to know about.”

“My dad was like, hey you want to want to go drive a bulldozer with me?” says Preston’s brother, Jackson, “and I was like, yeah I can take off work for that!”

It`s really quite simple, you sit in class for a bit, suit up, and head out to the sandbox, or dirt box in this case.

Then let the games begin, no seriously, they play golf and have an obstacle course.

“I think about the time I figured out the sticks it was time my turn was over so, but it was fun!” says Jackson and Presto’s mom, Ronda.

Because, who doesn`t want to play in the dirt with a gargantuan machine!?